The Real Deal on Long-Distance Love: 3 Harsh Facts Long-Distance Relationships

Some say distance makes the heart grow fonder, but can we say the same about a long-distance relationship? And then, what with all the online matchmaking that we have today, long-distance relationships have become more of a trend. But are long-distance relationships healthy? Should couples, if given a choice, opt for long-distance relationships? This is what we are going to see. That said, read on to see some facts about long-distance relationships in the form of 3 harsh facts of long-distance relationships.


Loneliness in relationshipLet’s admit it. Anyone in a relationship looks forward to spending some time in the day with his/her partner. This cannot be replaced by WhatsApp texts or even long calls that are so common in a relationship. It is this lack of intimacy that often brings about a kind of loneliness, soon leading to a host of negative feelings.

And so, this is the first among the 3 harsh facts of long distance relationships.

Lack Of Communication

Lack Of Communication

What began with a call or two every day soon started to reduce day by day.

Calls that would get picked up within the third ring could soon be replaced with promises to call back or a call that goes unpicked. And while some partners sit there wondering is ignoring is a sign of love most others will be quick to get stressed and start a fight instead.

This kind of stress could only lead to a further lack of communication that soon puts a strain on the relationship. Lack of communication can also lead to deviation of purpose in a relationship. Both partners could in time, develop new interests that could only drive them further apart from each other.

So, you see, distance doesn’t always make the heart grow faster.


Now lack of communication often leads to insecurity, and insecurity leads to jealousy. And that is when the trust issues, which is one of the saddest facts about long-distance relationships, begin. Also, those long fights can only serve as gateways to one partner cheating in a relationship. The stressed-out partner, or lonely partner soon starts comparing his/her girlfriend/ boyfriend to that calm and peaceful secretary or that gentle boss who gives her a lot of attention in the office. It won’t be long before you have one partner blaming the other, or worse, both partners blaming each other.

Fights like these are often what kill long-distance relationships.

Are Long Distance Relationships Unhealthy? 

Unhealthy Relatinship.

If given a choice, don’t go for it. What we mean by this is, to stay together, no matter what the cost is. But if not given a choice, don’t break up either. All this is not to say that there is no hope or that distance always leads to cheating in a relationship. Rather, one must, if forced to pursue a long-distance relationship, be aware of all the challenges in a relationship.

Now that you know what kills long-distance relationships  In addition to that, keep studying. Learn more psychological facts about long-distance relationships so you know better how to handle your long-distance relationship.

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