Love Lost: Identifying the Stages of a Dying Marriage

We’ve all been there, done that. No one wants to go through the stages of a dying marriage. Yet you can’t but expect it if you are not careful Identifying the types of crises in marriage in the first stages of marriage breakdown. This will spare you from the later, more serious stages of marriage crisis.  So, are you serious about avoiding the many stages of a dying marriage? Then read on. This article will show you how to handle the different types of crises in marriage like addict partner struggles and passive aggression in marriage. 

Too Busy To Communicate – First Stages Of Marriage Breakdown

First Stages Of Marriage breakdown

Are you too busy with separate goals and interests? Does this go on to the extent you have no time to talk to each other? If yes, why not share your goals? This is one of the most important ways to save yourself from the first stages of a dying marriage. Remember that communication is the ladle that keeps the curry stirring in marriage. This can prevent the first stages of trouble from bubbling.

Stop stirring and you will soon have the bubbles bursting. In time, you will have the curry splashing all out of the saucepan. Don’t let it reach a point where you have almost nothing in the dish called marriage. 

Too Insecure To Trust – Beginning the Worst Types Of Crisis In Marriage

Crisis In Marriage

There, ever felt the seeds of insecurity creeping into your relationship? Then, watch out, for chances are you have already entered the more serious stages of a marriage breakdown. Often this is the result of not having worked in the early stages of a marriage crisis. Often we don’t notice that we are too busy to communicate.  This can reach a phase when you are doubting that he spends late evenings with that sophisticated secretary in the office. And he is wondering who it is that you are texting. 

Too Egoistic To See the Stages Of A Dying Marriage


And then, last but not least, we come to one of the last and more deadly stages of a dying marriage: ego. Often, it is here that both partners find themselves dealing with passive aggression in marriageWords are not exchanged, and arguments are not made, and yet amidst all the silence is a constant cold war that never seems to end. 

It is this cold war that could slowly be killing your marriage. In time, that secretary that never existed could appear. That person he thought you were texting could be there for real. 

Too Peaceful To Argue – The Final Stages Of A Dying Marriage 

Too Peaceful To Argue

So, from all this, we can conclude with one thing. Too much peace is not always good. It is time you walked up and confronted him about your fears, and he did that too. Fight with each other if you have to. Sometimes it is these little fights that bring the two of you together. Make this a practice every day and you will hand in hand, or fist against, find yourselves fighting your way out of the stages of a dying marriage 

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