MY Husband Died and I Want Him Back: Finding Hope Again

Death is indeed a painful loss, and this is more so when it is the death of a husband. Gone are the days of weekends before the home theater and breakfast together in bed. Instead, you stand looking at his picture on the wall, saying,  my husband died and I want him backAnd for once, those fights seem pleasant as you recall them, standing by yourself in the balcony, thinking. 

my husband died and i feel lost

My husband died and I want him back. You’re asking yourself, will I see my husband after death, and this is the tenth time you are sighing as you say, I miss my husband. While we are not experts in handling this, our sympathy for you has led us to come up with these tips on what to do if your husband passed away. We hope that when you finish reading, you will find something in it that will help you. 

What To Do When I Miss My Husband?

What To Do When I Miss My Husband?

While loneliness after the death of a partner is normal, know that healing becomes faster with a little effort. One of the first steps here is to talk about how you feel. Remember that it’s okay to say, “I miss my husband’ to someone who enquires about how you feel today. Know that you have people around you who care, and so get your fair share of listening ears and comforting shoulders, even if it means having to cry ten times during the day. 

It’s okay to tell a stranger in the park, My husband died and I want him back’. Know that this world has its fair share of good people who are there to give you comforting words that help. It’s okay to ask questions like, will I see my husband after death’. Know that everyone knows how you feel and no one is going to find your question weird.  So, to give you proof, if you are asking that right now, here is our answer to your question. Read on. 


Will I See My Husband Again After Death

Will I See My Husband Again After Death

Of course, you will. Know that death is but a passing and a journey towards the transient, where we move from this world of sorrows and suffering to a place where we will have none of them.  So, make sure that you don’t spend the rest of your time on earth missing a deceased husband. Don’t spend the whole day smelling his clothes and feeling his side of the bed. Remember that being sad at all times will not be pleasing to your husband. 

Mourn for a while, but then, it’s time to make a list of what to do if your husband passed away. Keep yourself active throughout the day, and yet without being too hard on yourself. Do the things he always wanted you to do, pursue the things he wanted to see you do. No one knows that better than you. And before you know it, you’re going to be up and about with a smile on your face. There will still be times when you’ll say, ‘I miss my husband’ but remember that it’s totally okay. 

My Husband Died and I Want Him Back

We know that too, and yet we know one more thing that you probably don’t. And that is the fact that he’s still with, only from a better place, watching out for you. And that’s how mysteriously eternal real love is, a mystery that not even death can put an end to. Just believe that wherever you are, he is there too, wishing the best for you. 

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