My Wife Yells At Me: Steps To Rekindling Love and Respect

Now the Bible says that a husband is better off living on the roof than sharing the house with a nagging wife And then, the very same book (Proverbs) in the Bible compares a nagging wife to the sound of a leaking pipe. Now, you may be asking, is that what I should do if my wife yells at me all the time? So, if my wife yells at me, what should I do if I cannot climb the roof and abandon my wife?

Read on, for this article is for all those men sadly complaining with the words, my wife yells at me all the time.

What If My Wife Yells At Me All the Time

Now, there could be many reasons for this. Know that yelling too, is a form of communication. This means your wife could be trying to tell you something. Now, if you have reached a phase where your wife argues about everything, it’s time you did something to stop this behavior. 

For one, do not entertain a constantly nagging wife, for by doing so, you will only be feeding this form of wife passive-aggressive behavior.

However, turning to tell back will only lead to a fighting match that will reach nowhere (perhaps the neighbor’s house)

Understand Why She Is Yelling

Why She Is Yelling

One of the first steps is to find out the reason. So, ask yourself, why does my wife yell at me all the time? That said, the following are some possible answers.

  • She is hurt
  • She feels disrespected and unheard
  • She could be suffering from a trauma faced in childhood
  • She’s stressed out with work
  • She hasn’t been given the right correction

Now you may or may not be able to decide which of the above is the answer, but that shouldn’t matter. Because in the end, the solution is the same.

So, here’s the big question. Give yourself an honest answer. When was the last time you sat down to have a conversation with her? There. You got your answer. So, now, off you go to plan your next outing with her. Take her somewhere to please her. And then before you know it, you’ll be hearing it all from her, not by yelling but gently explaining what’s going on within her. And before you know it, she’ll be holding your hand, and very soon you’ll stop asking If my wife yells at me, what should I do? Instead, you’ll be telling your friends who share similar situations with you.

After all, we’re all men. And so, let’s help each other live with the other half of God’s creation, the women.

Wishing the Best For You

My wife yells at me what should i do

Reacting to an angry wife can be scary. You never know what to expect and what can come next. And this is where most husbands make the mistake of saying, ‘Let it be if my wife yells at me So, now that you know what to do, do not let it be. You are worthy of respect too, and after all, aren’t you the head of the family?

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