Gentle parenting leads to a good future for child.

Bringing up a child is no easy task, especially as a new parent follow gentle parenting . The constant self-doubt and endless advice can be confusing more. Friends, family, colleagues, and even the internet – there is always some opinion.

So, the is question like what gentle parenting looks like? Are we doing it the right way? and so on. No matter how old your child is, there is a chance you doubt your parenting. But the goal is to believe in yourself. While there are a options out there, we are a strong advocate of “Gentle Parenting”.

misunderstanding of gentle parenting.

Gentle parenting doesn’t mean you never speak anything against your child. Agree and trust them blindly. The process of gentle parenting involves a milder approach. if it’s not good for your child or making it more understandable for a child for not doing a particular thing.

Old school technique v/s gentle parenting.

The style of parenting called “Gentle parenting” is characterized by mutual boundaries. It emphasizes respect and empathy. Unlike “old school” techniques, there should be an attempt to create a relationship with your child, which is based solely on choice. Especially in pandemic situations where pandemic parenting is necessary and that is impossible without the help of gentle parenting.

This style of parenting caters around three major emotions:

  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Positivity


This approach discourages all forms of strict rules and demands. So, parents should learn to practice patience. Fear and punishment do not take you a long way, and very often, you might even get lost and harm your relationship.

principle of gentle parenting.

To practice parenting or gentle parenting practicing its four key principles:

  1. Empathy:
  • Parents usually have excellent instincts when it comes to an understanding their children’s needs. So, be it emotional or physical well-being; parental instincts are seldom wrong. However, being humans, we often miss out on some important cues that could leave the child feeling frustrated and misunderstood.
  • Do not dismiss a kid as simply being “naughty” or “irresponsible”. So, Instead, try to find the root cause of the behavior, as this will help prevent such a situation from repeating in the near future.

2. Respect:

  • Adults feel the urge to set ground rules and demand certain actions simply because they are older or because they are “in charge”. But It is not a very good parenting style as it is very important for you to respect your child and their needs.
  • You need to respect someone in order to feel respected and This applies in the case of parenting as well, and “gentle parenting” heavily emphasizes it. so that child will learns about respect when he sees his guardian actually practice it.

3. Boundaries:

  • Boundaries play a very important role and are often overlooked when one talks about parenting. But It does not entail a list of rules and regulations, rather, it teaches kids to do things in a better way.
  • Concentrate on communication and expectations.

4. Abstain from punishments:

  • Punishments, rules, and regulations often lead to permissive parenting. It has the potential of harming your relationship with your child instead playing fun educational activities with them it will help you to bond more with your child.
  • It is a hard pill to swallow, but punishments do not help discipline a child. There is a chance of it turning them against a parent. Therefore They have to be treated with kindness and teach them not to be afraid of making mistakes.

The Pros of Gentle Parenting


There are a number of advantages of gentle parenting so that can come along with the long-term development of the child. 

  1. Children perform better at school and have more self-worth.
  2. Kids are more resourceful
  3. They have a better social conscience and are independent
  4. Emotionally mature and can regulate emotions better
  5. Kids tend to be empathetic and display better self-esteem
  6. Kids are less likely to be violent and engage in illegal activities.
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