11 Month Old Sleep And Nap Schedule Hacks Every Parent Needs To Know

One of the biggest factors of anxiety for any mum, and more so if you are a new mum is the baby’s sleep. With a year almost gone, here you are reading an article on a 11 month old sleep and nap schedule. 

Should I still worry about my baby’s sleep? What is the ideal bedtime for an 11 month old? Are there any wake times for 11 month old’s? These are probably the questions that your already worried brain is running through.

Worry, not, for you are on the right page, and these are some of the questions that we will answer for you. 

The 11 Month Old Sleep and Nap Schedule 

11 Month Old Sleep And Nap Schedule

A 11 month old needs to sleep at least three times during the day. Put him to sleep after his breakfast, put him to sleep after his lunch and put him to sleep after his dinner. Don’t let him rule you over having his own way. Remember that he’s not a year old yet, and still needs his sleep to grow. In other words, sleeping is his work and making sure that this is something he will do. 

After all he doesn’t have any tests to prepare for or school to go to, which means he has no excuse to stray away from the 11 month old sleep schedule

Importance Of Bedtime For 11 Month Old

Importance Of Bedtime For 11 Month Old

A 11 month old needs to sleep and needs to follow his bedtime schedule. Sleep along with him, or read him a book if you have to. Just let him know that he is having it no other way apart from going to sleep as per his schedule. 

We know, there are toys all over the floor and dishes in the sink but this is not as important as your baby’s sleep unless you’re okay with issues like signs of dehydration in kids. Give it another year and they’re going to step into the terrible twos and so, if you are to practice disciplining your budding bundle of mischief, your time starts now. That said, is it already bedtime for your 11 month old? Well, then, it’s time for you to put away that phone and get him ready.

Remember that you too need some discipline when it comes to maintaining the 11 month old nap schedule. 

Wake Times For 11 Month Old

Wake Times For 11 Month Old

It’s ideal to wake him at seven each morning. This maintains the 11 month old nap schedule perfectly through the day. Don’t worry. Tauts don’t have trouble waking up. Just make a little noise and he’ll be up and about to begin his mischief for the day.  So, make sure that you use this time productively, feeding him, and letting him have his play till 10:30 when he should be getting ready for the next nap of the day. 

Make sure that he sleeps for an hour and the cycle goes again. 

FAQ: 11-Month-Old Sleep And Nap Schedule

If it’s not yet bedtime for your 11 month old, and you have a few minutes to spare before attending to the dishes in the sink, read on for a few FAQs.

A: If you mean night, it’s on the dot of seven. We know he won’t cooperate, and so make sure that you begin your preparation way ahead. Keep the house quiet, the TV switched off and toys away so the only thing left to do is to curl up in bed. 

A: It’s what you’ve already experienced in the form of your baby refusing to hit the bed. Give it a few weeks and he’ll fall into the sleep pattern you set, provided you on your part are firm and consistent. 

A: Yes it is. Two naps is the way to go. Don’t let your baby convince you of anything else till he is all of 18 months old, better if you can take it till he is all of two years old.

A: Start with a warm bath after which you can set the mood. Silence, with a little singing will do the trick. So, make sure that you don’t slip out to fiddle with pots and pans. 

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