Does My Dead Husband Know How Much I Miss Him?

The loss of a spouse can be the hardest to bear. The empty side of the bed, the empty chair, and the keepsake picture frame gifted by well wishers as a memorial on the death of your husband can bring tears as soon as your eyes fall on them . These are all sights that are too painful to bear.

It doesn’t matter whether you were married for one year till now or have been together 20 years, counting the days to your jubilee five years ahead. The loss of a spouse will always be followed by those silent tearful moments that most of us dread. 

And While some choose to write their thoughts, some console themselves with the reminder that they are in a better place. how can we be so sure that they are doing the same for us down from Heaven?  Don’t worry. We know exactly how you feel. But first, wipe your tears and we will tell you all that you need to know about it. 

Does My Deceased Husband Know How Much I Miss Him? 

missing your dead spouse

If you were to meet your dead husband in a dream, this is one of the first things that he would tell you. 

People in Heaven do not go through negative emotions. And they want their dear ones on Earth to be happy too.

While you sit there asking yourself, ‘Does my deceased spouse know how much I miss him’ he is constantly answering your question from up there, sending help and comfort through relatives, friends, and well-wishers and in fact, even little write-ups like this. 

So, cheer up dearie. Don’t feel guilty about drowning your sorrows in a pie or pudding. He is constantly telling you that he does not want to see you like this.

Here’s what he wants you to do instead. 

Fall Back In Love

Fall Back In Love, This is probably what he wants of you too. So, did you find someone you took a special liking for? It could be your husband from Heaven arranging it all for you. 

Because in the end, he can’t see you sitting alone in the corner missing your dead spouse, but wants you to be happy too. 

You’ll accept this little gift from him, won’t you? Well, you better do. Do it lest you see your dead husband in the dream again telling you that he’s mad at you. 

You just smiled at that, didn’t you? We wanted that, and while you sit there missing your dead spouse, he wants to see more of this too. 

Does My Dead Husband Know How Much I Miss Him?

Dead husband in dream

Yes, he does. And rest assured that he remembers you as much as you want him to, and more than that. 

He loves you more than he ever did while you were together on Earth. And wants you to know that he will forever love you, that you are never alone, and that he is always even right now, here with you. 

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