Hand In Hand Parenting -what its actual mean?

  We all human beings somewhere forget the principle of life. We all are trying to become the best parent, teacher, student, children… as compared to our peers. Instead of considering life as a marathon, we are racing in every sphere of life. Hand In Hand Parenting is a crucial part of human life.

 In this hectic world, we get much attached to spoon-feeding and lack the internal desire to do things. This concept is parallel with parenting as well. Hence, we have brought the most crucial hand in hand parenting guide for parents who are willing to give the whole world to their children.

Hand In Hand Parenting

The mutual symbiosis between parents and children stood on the pillars of trust, understanding, and pro-communication skills to uplift each other like lichen and algae. This pandemic parenting can go a long way if performed efficiently.

Types Of Parenting Styles including Hand In Hand Parenting

  • Authoritarian Parenting:-

The parenting in which children are completely governed by parents without considering his views.

This type of parenting sounds like a desert. In which children walking through sunny desert wander for shadow and drop of water which they were unable to seek from parents.

  • Permissive Parenting:-

The parenting in which children are provided with the best facilities without any expectations in return.

Although this pandemic parenting has a love factor it lacks in teaching ethos and morals which ends up in mentally poor development of child growth.

  • Authoritative Parenting:-

The parenting in which the input-output ratio of expectations and fulfillment of a child’s desire gets balanced with consistent nurturing.

We can categorise it as the best parenting style but still proactiveness lacks in it.

  • Uninvolved Parenting:-

The parenting lacks communication and interdependency in relation due to ignoring attitude.

This is the worst parenting type as it may end up in several addictions.

Active Parenting

  Parents should understand one thing that is, “Be the change you want to see in children.”

  The parent with this principle first follows and then orders with a pro mindset in every diaspora called Active Parents.

Conscious Parenting

  This is an important pearl in a jeweler’s shop.

  Parents should accept their children as they naturally are!

Instead of beating trumpet and running behind children to do so & so, you need to work on a project called #ME.

Setting Limit For A Toddler

  After browsing through all these terms and styles of parenting you might be thinking about how to teach ethos and set guidelines for a toddler without abusing and scolding. Even multiple Research Finds Parenting Style Affects Children in Unexpected Ways. So let’s see how it goes.

  Setting a limit is neither easy nor difficult as a toddler is the reflection of parents’ activity due to its blank slate and will blindly follow you.

   Thus, be gentle, affectionate in dealing with everyone in front of the child, and be tender and supportive towards everyone.

   To set a limit for toddlers parents should first adopt a strategy of “first me and then implementation of it in the child.”

Listening Partnership

  Listening is “list + inning”.

List the things, ponder over them, and then hit the sixes with a good conclusion.

  Everyone wants to express themselves but no one wants to be a good listener.

  In the early years of toddlers’ life, they want us to understand them either through their gestures, postures, or words they utter.

  Hence, you should study their way of expressing themselves to be the listening partner. One with good listening skills is the best parent.

Way To Stop Child From Hitting Parents

  A toddler can’t speak or convey things to you without knowing how to express them and thus cry when feeling thirsty or hungry.

Or can either throw toys when need attention or gets bored.

  But as a parent don’t get annoyed by this stuff. Try to understand the reason behind his every action as he can’t speak out.

  Don’t give a shit in return by abusing or hitting. At this moment you are supposed to stay calm and show him the right path from hitting things.

  Express your love towards the toddler when they start hitting so they will get stunning surprise by your positive action.

Message To Convey When You Punish Child

   When a caregiver punishes a child to teach ethos and morals conveys to them that mistakes are natural but improving them is important.

  Let them know about your mistakes of childhood so they will not feel alienated.

Also, tell them how you improve them so they will see the rainbow in their clouds to improve the mistakes and not to repeat the same once again.

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