What To Do When My Teenage Son Is Lazy and Unmotivated?

So, as a parent, you have finally come to that sad phase. You sit there complaining, My teenage son is lazy and unmotivated. And now you sit there asking yourself how to motivate a teenager who doesn’t care

The good news for you is that the problem does have a treatment. And no, this doesn’t mean you are hard on your unmotivated teenager

That said, here are some tips to make parenting fun for you and the kids. So read on if your teenage son is lazy and unmotivated.

How To Motivate A Teenager Who Lazy And Unmotivated

How To Motivate A Teenager Who Lazy And Unmotivated

Never underestimate the power of communication and what the right kind can do for your kids. Nagging them all day will only send them further into a shell. Inspire them with encouraging words. This will go a long way in motivating them. 

Teach them about the lives of successful people and the discipline they went through to get there. Yet, make sure that these stories don’t take the form of patronizing lectures, but friendly conversations you have with them. 

  • Be Creative

Yes, being a parent requires creativity and this is more true about the things you have to say to them. Remember that now that your child is a teen. So, you are no longer a strict teacher in a classroom telling them what to do. You are rather, a coach on the field, out there to cheer and encourage them. 

Children need constant praise, you know. And this is more so when they are older and the world seems to demotivate and discourage them. 

Chore Charts For Unmotivated Teenage Son

Family Chore Chart

One of the best ways to practice screen-free parenting is to come up with interesting timetables for teens. Make sure that you cook this with a mix of things they need to do and the things they love. 

For this, you need to observe your growing kid to detect the activities that he loves, and then put them down as a chore, to make sure that he follows it, like taking piano lessons, if he has a taste for music. 

At the same time, you need to make sure that these responsibilities are not overwhelming and come across as a punishment to them. Chore charts should be more fun, giving teenagers a sense of achievement as they fulfill them. 

  • Be Encouraging

Don’t forget to accompany them with the right amount of appreciation, without which your teen is not going to remain consistent with them. Even little achievements out there need to be followed with words of appreciation, as these can go a long way in motivating and encouraging them. 

Remember that chore charts are mainly to make them more responsible with their duties, more like a fun way of disciplining them. 

Start Today

The sooner you begin, the faster you get there. All this may at first be challenging, and you as a parent may have to find some way of getting them to start by motivating them. 

But know that once in the race, this is only going to be an upward climb, with your teen soon realizing how a disciplined life can be fun, thus thanking you in the end. 


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