Activities For Preschool- trick of teaching

Getting a toddler to learn the 26 letters of the alphabet has never been easy and especially not with the old activities for preschool we played. Thanks to the era of the Internet and with that, the smartphone. Games like Super Mario, the Sims, and Animal Crossing have seen an explosion in recent years in the tabs of all preschooler’s parents.

So, if your child’s addiction to games is becoming a cause for worry as he nears preschool, it’s time to think of ways to get him to forget that tab and remember his ABCD.

And how do you do that? No, getting a stick and seating him at a study table is not going to be of any motivation.

here are few activities for preschool you can check it out.

Stacking Cup favorite Activities for preschool

A preschooler is not too old to enjoy that colorful set of stacking cups. He’s just bored of the same old way of playing and time you upgrade it by using it to teach him the letters of the alphabet.Activities for preschool So, here’s how you do it with a set of cups:

  1. Get some printable alphabet worksheets,
  2. Cut out the letters of the alphabet
  3. Paste each on a cup
  4. Come up with fun preschool games for him to love his ABCD

Now, that sounds like one of the most interesting activities for preschool, doesn’t it?

Activities For Bedtime

Show me a child who doesn’t know how to have fun in the bedroom? From jumping endlessly to throwing pillows, everything’s fun when it’s bedtime. So, how about creative ABCD games to use that time in getting him to recall his lessons for the day.

Here’s how you do it again:

  1. Get a colorful set of pillows
  2. Cut out large letters, large enough to cover a pillow
  3. Now, paste one on each
  4. Have some learning and fun before bedtime

See him having fun activities in preschool as he develops a new passion: his ABCDs.

Get them Moving

Preschoolers love board games, as long as the board games get them moving. All you need is a floor and some large letters which are easily available with free printable alphabet worksheets. So, let’s see how we do this:

  1. printable alphabet worksheetsMake some space on your floor
  2. Arrange the letters attractively
  3. Plan a game
  4. Get your child to the spot
  5. Play

Create and play games on the floor, games that get them moving.

Ball Games

Now, show me a child who doesn’t love to play ball? Only now, you can make it more productive. Here’s how:

  1. Playing activities for preschoolGet a beach ball
  2. Decorate it with colorful letters
  3. Now, start playing ABCD with a ball. See how your child willingly reads the letters as he throws and catches the ball.


You can never deny a child’s love for a mess, especially if the mess is colorful. So. if you thought that pencils are the only piece of stationary to teach ABCD, you’re wrong. Try this:

  1. Seat your child comfortably, as if to study.
  2. Now put away the boring stationery and get some colorful paint.
  3. Now challenge him to write his ABCD in paint and see how she learns willingly

And You Can Create Your Activities for preschool

We hope the above ideas got you inspired. And these are just a few among many. So, to put it together let’s say that while the digital age has made learning hard, it has also come out with solutions like giving us tracing alphabet worksheets free to create interesting activities, be it at home with your kids or in the classroom.

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