Chore Charts for Teens: Discover a New Path to Productivity

If there is one word that teens don’t like, it’s chores, and so one way to make it interesting is with creative chore charts for teens. Amidst the dates and the shopping, one of the last things that kids today want to make time for is chores. 

And while we, as parents, would be more than happy to do it all for them, we also know that this would turn them into spoiled adults. Now, you don’t want that, do you? What’s more, a well-planned chore chart is also one of the many effective ways of implementing screen-free parenting. So, start when they are kids, with a kindergarten homeschool schedule that you can later modify into a chore chart when they are teens.. 

This article is about making chore charts that actually work without bringing up an advance in pocket money in exchange for that little more work now that it’s a chore list for teens you are coming up with. 

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Chore Charts For Teens That Actually Work

Chore Charts For Teens That Actually Work

Kids hate cleaning and that is all the more reason to add it in this chore list for teens. Yet, at the same time, be merciful and make sure that it’s reasonable enough to make them enjoy it. 

That said, here are some ways you can make the list interesting. 

Set timings – 

Choose a day when you are going to be popping into their room to inspect the way they keep their belongings. While this does not have to be rewarded with material things (don’t spoil them by connecting that to chores) you sure can be generous with appreciation if what you see is good. 

Yes, compliment them in front of others. It does them a world of good. 

Let them feel involved- 

So, on the day for them to do the dishes, make the kitchen theirs. Of course, you can give them a hand and chat along. But let them decide what goes where with a little guidance from you as to what is right and what would be good. 

In the end, let them know that the chores are for them and not for your benefit. Yet, it wouldn’t harm to express your gratitude for the help they turn out to give you. 

Making Chore List For Teens

Making Chore List For Teens

One of the first things here is to keep it simple. Teens do not like a lot of long sentences. So, mention the chore in just a couple of words. Keep the lines short and the chart will also look good. 

Check out examples of chore charts for families, for ideas on how to make it fun. Know that this is a chore chart for teens and not a schedule in an office or a Nazi regime. 

Check Out Examples Of Chore Charts For Families

Family Chore Chart

Don’t know it all. The best parents are those who share their ideas and learn from each other. Take the time out to research and check out examples of chore charts for families. In the end, you will be grateful for all the new ideas and inputs you come up with. Chores can be tiring, and when planned unreasonably, can take a toll on your relationship with your kids in the end. 

So, while it’s not exactly rocket science, know that it’s not a piece of cake either. For in the end, nothing is simple anymore now that you are dealing with growing up teens. 


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