8 Ways Parents Can Reduce Teenage Lying: Essential Guide for Parents

How do you discipline a child for lying? If that is the question in your mind, you probably saw some toxic daughter signs in your child. In that case, this article is for you. Here are 8 ways parents can reduce teenage lying. Little mischiefs like fiddling with the parts of a car or your cosmetic box are history. Your child is committing bigger ones. 

What makes it worse is that these are not little liars anymore. Experience has taught them how to get away with the smoothest of lies. This is until you discover the truth. And then, you end up with articles like this to know more about the lying teenager psychology. 

After all, your teen is still a child. She has probably gone through a trauma cycle. So remember to be gentle and mild.

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Proven 8 ways parents can reduce teenage lying

How Do You Break A Child’s Lying Habit

It’s all about understanding the lying teenage psychology and so, here are 8 ways parents can reduce teenage lying

  • Find out why he is lying. Remember that no solution to a child’s problem can arise without a parent first finding out the root cause. Kids lie for a variety of reasons, from fear, to laziness (to avoid responsibility) or merely brag. 
  • Go with the flow. This can bring them nearer to the truth. Yet, remember to be gentle so they are more sorry than ashamed when they tell the truth.
  • Let them know you care, and the consequences of lying and why you want them to tell the truth. Kids won’t lie if they know that they are loved by you. 
  • Give them examples from stories and events that you could use on the consequences of lying. 
  • Give them stories on how great virtue honesty is, so as to motivate and inspire them to practice it. 
  • Let them know you trust them. It can work in the case of responsible and sensitive kids who wouldn’t want to break your  trust. 
  • In the case of mischievous kids who don’t care, give them a warning, so they know there will be a consequence if they break the trust they receive from you. 
  • Be a role model. A parent cannot teach a child not to lie if he is lying to a boss or a friend, before him, making some excuse. Remember that discipline and values start with you. 

How Do You Discipline A Child For Lying

How Do You Discipline A Child For Lying

The very fact that your child is lying shows that she is scared of you, so know that being too harsh on her at this time just won’t do. Cross-questioning him will only make him uncomfortable and drift further apart from you. 

Harsh confrontations are something you need to avoid and replace with gentle explanations of the situation and what is for their good. 

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Lying Teenager Psychology

Lying Teenager Psychology

Remember that a lying child can be a red flag indicating something gone wrong in the parent child relationship, and it is high time that you work on it. Let them know that whatever the conflict, it can always be solved over a cup of tea or milk. 

And as a parent, make sure that you often have these healthy discussions that serve as platforms to communicate with your kids. 

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