Setting Parenting Goals That Won’t Send Your Children Astray

We live in an age where parents have no excuse.  Today parenting tips are available everywhere. One only has a little reading to do to come up with some smart goals for parents. Parenting goals start the day you learn that you are going to become a parent. Yet, if you are way past that time, don’t worry. You are never too late to come up with a parenting plan.

Read on for these parenting goals and objectives. You never know when it could save your day, be it for a mother of a terrible two or a rebellious teen. 

Communication: First Of All Parent Goals


Children may have deaf ears when you have something to say to them. But they can surprisingly also turn out to be the best eavesdroppers. They register every comment you make and this is where the real learning happens each day. And this is where hand-in-hand parenting comes into play. In other words, watch out what your husband and you say. 

Your kids are hearing, forming assumptions and in the process, learning. And this makes communication at home one of the first things that you have to get right on your list of parenting goals

Table Time: Smart Goals For Parents

Smart Goals For Parents

Kids often stray away when you spend less time together as a family. So, make sure that meals are at the dining table. Watch out for how the conversation goes when they are there. Make sure that your kids are heard and show some interest in what they have to share. Give them some advice and correction if needed, but make sure that they are not hurt by anything you say. 

Let this be the time they look forward to at the end of the day. Do this and you will never have your kids going astray. 

Corrections: Parenting Goals and Objectives To Learn

Parenting Goals and Objectives

So, when do I correct my kids? You may say. Well, the simple truth is that yelling does not get you anywhere. This makes for one of the worst of all parenting goals. When accompanied by harsh words, can serve as the key factors for kids going astray. 

So, here are some parenting goals and objectives when it comes to correcting your kids each day.

  • Don’t shout in the presence of another sibling (or anyone for that matter). It makes them hurt and discouraged.
  • Hear them out. Listen to what they have to say. Accusing a child without hearing their side of the story does not come under smart goals for parents. So make sure that you don’t correct them this way. 

Always accompany ‘no’ with a reason. Of the many parent goals, one of them is getting them to accept a ‘no’. This is easy when you learn that this should always come with an explanation. 

Remember that your kids will accept your rules if they reveal that you love them and want what is best for them. Setting parent goals is not very difficult at the end of the day. A pinch of correction mixed with a lot of love. That’s the math that makes for one of the best parenting goals and objectives that you can come up with today. 

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