If a Man Lies to You Does He Love You? Finding Out the Truth About Love and Lies

Transparency in a relationship is of utmost priority if the relationship has to last long. But if a man lies to you, does he love you? And if he does, why does he lie to me if he loves me?

These are some of the questions that are probably in your mind right now. What does it mean if a guy lies to you? While some say that true love is when he ignores you, there are some others who argue that this pure denial leads one to move further from the truth. 

So, what is the truth? These are some of the things that we are here to see as we read this article. If you are curious, prepare yourself to read on. 

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If A Man Lies To You Does He Love You? 

what does it mean if a guy lies to you

He may, but that depends on the lie he is creating before you. If he is lying about something that he doesn’t enjoy, just to please you, then it’s obvious that your man loves you. 

If the lie is a serious one, chances are there is a serious problem in the relationship. Chances are he is no longer serious and there is something you have to do. It can be that he has not grown in his relationship, leaving some serious discussion for the two of you. Chances are he is guilty, chances are he has cheated and is ashamed, chances can be anything. 

In the end, know that men don’t like conflicts, and men generally don’t want to fight. 

Why Does He Lie To Me If He Loves Me?

why does he lie to me if he loves me

Perhaps you’re too strict with him, and he merely wants to have some peace. Perhaps you are being a nag over trivial things, which to him, as the BIble says is like the sound of water from a tap going drip drip drip. 

Sorry, for being rude, but perhaps this is the truth. So, time for some self-examination and reflection. And if, when doing that, you find all the above to be true, then it’s time for a change. 

It’s time to give him the space that he needs, and in time, you will see how he stops lying to you.

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What Does It Mean If A Guy Lies To You?

If a man lies to you does he love you after

The final verdict is that a guy lying to you is obviously scared of you. He is scared of your reaction to knowing the truth. Now, how serious the situation is depends on, well, how serious the situation is. 

If he is lying about who stole the fridge magnet or broke your favorite glass, it is bad enough. But if he is lying about something in the relationship, then know that it is worse. 

So, lady, you’ve got to stop being the boss, if you want to keep your man, if you love him and you want him to tell you the truth. 

Let him have his role of taking care of you. Let him know that you love and respect him and that he is not just there to be second fiddle to you. Let him know that he is valued. 

Ensure these things and your man will love you and not imagine saying a lie to you. 


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