The Hidden Emotions of Cheaters: Do Cheaters Miss Their Ex

Have you ever wondered if cheaters miss their exes? We all make mistakes, they say. But some mistakes are costly ones, like cheating on your girlfriend (applicable for boyfriends too). We stray, we cheat, some of us move on and yet some repent. 

But what happens when you don’t receive the expected forgiveness? Do cheaters miss their ex? And will they ever come out of the trauma cycle or is it going to be lifelong?

Read on,  for this article is going to tell you a thing or two about the cheater and his ex. 

When Do Cheaters Miss Their Ex

Do Cheaters Miss Their ExThere comes a point when the cheater begins to regret. He realizes what he lost in his ex, and this is more so when he compares his current partner to his ex. 

His new girlfriend would have given him a taste of his own medicine by having gone out with someone else. 

And it is these things that would bring a cheater to apologize, for having realized his mistake and the value of his ex. 

How Long Do Cheaters Last?

You mean how long is it going to be before he comes back to you on his knees? Well, they say most affairs last for an average of six months to a year, so all you have to do is wait and see. 

If he is meant for you, he will be back to you, and if not, know that there are many fish in the sea. 

Do Cheaters Still Love You?

A Woman tearing a photo of their ex.Okay so we are talking about the man who is cheating in a relationship and perhaps marriage.
The truth is that most cheaters love their partners but cheat as a result of their weakness. He feels guilty each time he looks at you and wants to come out of his cheating ways. 

One of the best ways to help him out of the trauma cycle is to confront him on this, and yet in a gentle and caring way. Be supportive yet firm to let him know that you too love him anyway. 

Do Cheaters Always Come Back

Yes, but there is a high chance that he is going to make the same mistake again, and so, be prepared to be patient. And if you see this happening again and again, its time to see how the two of you can deal with a problem. 

It could be that the cheater is not ready for a relationship, which means it would be best to let him go so he can get the space to learn from his mistakes.

Do I Forgive Him? 

So, in the end, as they say, a cheater eventually begins to reap what he sowed, so you don’t need to plan out a revenge. Just carry on with life and see when the time comes’ you’ll know whether you need to take him back or move on instead. 

Know that in the end, we all make mistakes, and perhaps he deserves this second chance for both your sakes. 

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