Redefining Family: When God Separates You from Family

Often we blame God for the people whom we have seen a distance from. Some would pray in wait, hoping for their return soon again. Some would complain and ask Him why good people in their lives never stay. But the most painful of all is when God separates you from family. Often we cry over the distance from a loved one and crave for their return and proximity. Here are some things to understand when God separates you from family so the next time this happens, you know better. You will realize that the right thing is not so much to complain than to pray. 

When God Separates You From Family

When God Separates You From Family

Perhaps you are reading this article as someone lonely with no one to call as a trusted friend. Your family could be toxic and your friends could have betrayed you and the people in church too could have gossiped about you. And yet despite all this, there are times you wish you had someone to fellowship with at the doors of the church, a sibling to share your problems with when you return home, and a trusted friend you could count on when you are out on your own. 

Isn’t that why you are right now sitting there wondering, why does God separate us from others? So, read on for the answers. 

When God Separates You From Someone

When God Separates You From someone

They say, never be disappointed when God separates you from someone. He has perhaps seen things you haven’t and heard conversations you didn’t hear. Ever struggled with a toxic family leading to a distance between you and your parents? Here is a question for you. What does the Bible say about manipulative parents

Find out. We won’t tell you. 

Rejection is God’s protection, they say. So, rest assured with the fact that God knows what He’s doing, and don’t forget to thank Him for always watching out for you. Yet, this need not always mean that the friend you haven’t heard from in a long time has betrayed you. 

Sometimes it could simply mean that the two of you are designed for different purposes and not meant to journey together. Nevertheless, you can always pray for each other. Don’t hold a grudge against the guy who soon stopped showing the same interest to you. Know that in the end, God has destined someone for you. 

Why Does God Separate Us From Others

Why Does God Separate Us From Others

Yet, know that all this is not to leave you bitter and angry, lest the trauma cycle continues to bring about a generation that is even more hateful. Perhaps this could stop with you. Remember that when God separates you from everyone, he is setting you apart for a higher purpose and that is to pray and change the lives of all those around you. 

So, pray, hope, and don’t worry. For even when you walk through the valley darkness, you have Him who will be with you till the end of time, just as He has promised you. 

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