How To Shift From Eggshell Parenting

Have you ever felt puzzled by eggshell parenting or felt you failed as a good parent? 

Well, well, well, worry not. You are not alone in fear of cracking it. I have been there, and I know ways to come out and shift yourself into a gentle parenting style.

In this post, you will discover strategies to break eggshell parenting and shift into healthier parenting with a real-time solution. Join me in learning critical tactics to upgrade your parenting journey with freedom.

What Is Eggshell Parenting

What Is Eggshell Parenting (1)

Let’s break it down: Eggshell parenting is how manipulative Parents shield their child from discomfort or distress. Often, walking on eggshells is to avoid upsetting and emotionally hurting parents. That type of parenting involves being overly protective, and sometimes, being overprotective affects a child’s growth and ability to do something independently. Hence, it will become a burden for the children and parents. 

Example Of Eggshell Parenting

Example Of Eggshell Parenting

We will be going to understand this through a short story about Sarah.

Sarah practiced eggshell parenting, so she always keeping her daughter, Lily, safe. However, as Lily got older, she wanted to do things independently. Sarah worried a lot and didn’t want Lily to get hurt, which made Lily feel trapped. Their relationship started to get strained because Lily wanted to be more independent.

One day, Finally, Lily did something without telling her mom, trying to break free. But it didn’t end well, and Sarah’s worst fears came true. She realized that her overprotectiveness had pushed Lily away.

Now that we’ve got the concept of eggshell parenting Let’s understand how to recognize it in our parenting behavior.

 Identifying Eggshell Parenting

However, No matter which parenting style you are currently following, it is crucial to understand that your child’s freedom is essential for their future growth.

So, are you practicing the right parenting style?

Signs Of Identifying Eggshell Parenting:

 signs of toxic parenting

Lake Of Independence: Those who practice eggshell parenting don’t allow their children to do anything without permission. These children always depend on their parents for every action, such as problem-solving and decision-making.

Over-protectiveness: Parents always shield their children from harm and disappointment to prevent them from experiencing failure and discomfort in life.

Over-involvement: May always be involved in every activity of their children’s lives, including fun activities and social interactions.

 Fear of failure: Children of Eggshell parents never try to do new things and challenges where they can fail because they always try to meet their parent’s expectations.

Anxiety and Stress: Parents constantly monitor their child’s activities, and in that situation, children develop pressure to succeed, and this will lead to Anxiety and Stress.

However, these are the main signs of eggshell parenting. As a parent, ask yourself: Are you practicing these things with your children? If your answer is yes, then you need to understand the consequences.

Without any doubt, Eggshell Parenting has consequences for both the child and the parent’s relationship.

Here are some consequences you need to know about.

Consequences of Eggshell Parenting

Consequences On Child’s Self-Esteem:

  • Dependency: Children of eggshell parents always depend on their parents for every action and decision and need more confidence to do something independently.
  • External Validation: Kids May seek other people’s approval, including parents, because they are never allowed to make decisions independently and don’t have a strong sense of self-worth.
  • Living In Fear: Always protected by eggshell parents, children fear trying things and taking risks, which affects their self-esteem.

Consequences On Parent-Child Relationship:

Pressure and Tension: Being overprotective behavior makes your child feel suffocated. The relationship between the parent and child will be affected in this situation.

Trust Issues: Children may feel that their parents lack trust in their abilities, which can build trust issues in their relationship.

Communication Barriers: When eggshell parents constantly monitor their child’s activities, the child starts hiding things so that their parents don’t judge or criticize them.

It should be noted that Parents must recognize these consequences to shift from eggshell parenting to a healthy one.

Now  Understand some proven steps to shift eggshell parenting to a better parenting style.

Strategies to Overcome Eggshell Parenting

Overcome bad Parenting

By implementing a specific strategy, parents can move away from eggshell parenting and create a more empowering environment for their children.

  1. Promote Open Communication: Create a friendly environment with a good Parenting plan where children can express their feelings and needs without fear of judgment.
  2. Set Clear Boundaries: Establish clear rules and boundaries with family. This will help children understand self-discipline.
  3. Promote Independence: Encourage children to solve their problems and make decisions independently. Use Chore charts and Provide guidance when they need it. But let them learn from their mistakes.

Create a Support System for Successful Parenting

  • Seek help from parents using a prosperous, healthy parenting style.
  • Meet those parents who have successfully overcome these challenges.
  • Get help from the child psychologist or family therapist for exceptional support.
  • Join parenting groups and organizations in your cities or online blogs and forums where you can share your experiences and parenting goals and learn from others.

Navigating Challenges while working on a healthy parenting style

  • Always practice self-care and mindfulness techniques to manage your stress and anxiety.
  • Every parent should understand that dealing with setbacks is a natural part of the learning process, so keep calm and use them as teaching.
  • Use different strategies when your child is growing up. Adapt a new style that will suit your grown child.

Long-term Benefits for Your Family of Moving from Eggshell Parenting

Breaking eggshell parenting and moving on to a healthy parenting style has many positive outcomes for both the children and the parents. However, One of the best benefits is that your child can fight difficulties and learn from failure. As a result, it will teach your child new skills and bring success to their life. It will also help your child’s development and overall growth. 

Moreover, open communication between child and parent strengthens the family bond. And this will bring your family happiness and keep anxiety and stress away. 


Significant changes require little steps to Shift from Eggshell Parenting; believe in the process and yourself. It will require patience, but after applying these strategies and this guide, you will overcome Eggshell Parenting and can create a support system for your child to be stronger and succubus in their life. 

Stay strong on your journey of growth and development as a parent. 

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